For the past 4 months we have been testing the Hiclone Swirling Air Device
and after lengthy operational fuel consumption testing I have no hesitation in
recommending this device to other coach operators.

Hiclone initially contacted me early in the year and asked if Florida Coaches
would try a Hiclone device in one of our coaches. Hiclone made no promises to
save fuel or to increase power but it was suggested that this was the aim of
the device. At first I was dubious about fitting an after sales product to a
new coach but after careful consideration I agreed to a trial. Fitting the
Hiclone was a matter of a few minutes work.

I am so impressed with Hiclone that I have notified C.P.T. of my test results
and I will be fitting Hiclones to the rest of my fleet.

I have available on request my full test data showing substantial operational
fuel savings and improved engine performance.

To complete this vehicle's comprehensive fuel consumption and engine
performance trials on the Hiclone the coach is to undergo a controlled rolling road
test at Daventry and then additional independent controlled trials at the MIRA
test track early in June. (They will be carried out by the Institute of Road
Transport Engineers and the Institute of Road Operations Engineers)

The real beauty of the Hiclone is in it's simplicity


Patrick Keeble, Transport Manager